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Becoming a Stenographer

Becoming a Stenographer

Professional outlook and benefits of our profession

Roughly speaking, an official stenographer who works full time can expect to earn upwards of $50,000 annually, depending on their success in business development and the time they commit to their trade. The Tariff of fees for the recording and transcription of depositions of witnesses (R.R.Q., c. S-33, r. 1) sets the rate of $70.00 per hour for taking stenographic notes, as well as a per-page rate for producing transcriptions.

A person with an Attestation of College Studies (AEC) in legal stenography as well as a Certificate of Competency (Certificat de competence) delivered by the Stenography Committee can work anywhere in Quebec as an official stenographer as a self-employed worker, and can offer their services to lawyers or people in the legal system, using an electronic stenotype and computer-assisted stenographic transcription. They can work in out-of-court interrogations, audiences before tribunal and quasi-tribunal bodies, arbitrations, and surveying investigations, as well as at board meetings for public and private organizations, Senate sessions, etc. They can transcribe their notes and, under their oath of office, have to power to certify them as faithful and exact.

Qualities for Success

Stenography is a demanding profession, but it’s so rewarding! Stenographers must possess specific qualities to be able to execute efficient, high-quality work. For those who are considering training in this field, here are a few skills you should have or be ready to learn.

First of all, you need to have:

  • Mastery of the English or French language;
  • Good general knowledge;
  • Well-developed professionalism;
  • Good hearing;
  • Excellent logical reasoning;
  • Strong memory;
  • Excellent ability to concentrate.

Personal and Financial Investment

Practicing the art of stenography requires you to master key aspects in order to succeed in your career.

Let’s start with the supplies that a student stenographer needs for their training courses. Since training is done remotely, the learner can select every element in their work space.

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