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Eight Qualities of a Good Stenographer

What does it take to be a good stenographer?

We asked all kinds of folks in the field what they thought – here are our top eight qualities it takes to be a good stenographer !


Stenographers shoulder some serious responsibility – perfection in their work is not optional. A rigorous stenographer will halt proceedings if necessary to bring everyone back to order when discussion becomes inaudible.


A good stenographer is a passionate person.


This is a career that demands continuous practice to avoid losing dexterity and typing speed. Although the work can be difficult, you can’t get discouraged. A good stenographer never gives up.


Curiosity drives a good stenographer to understand the diverse world where language is used. Even if you’re operating in the legal field, you have to stay up to date in several connected fields so you can properly understand and capture the rich related vocabulary.


A good stenographer follows the news and is up to date on what’s going on in the world.


Because most stenographers are self-employed, it’s important for a good stenographer to be well-organized and structured.


Being in charge of your own schedule and being able to work from home are good things. However, it can be easy to lose focus when you’re in the comfort of your residence. A good stenographer is a disciplined person who can take a situation in stride and motivate themselves to work even when many distractions are available.


The most important quality of a good stenographer is being able to quickly and correctly type everything that is said.

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